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PROFILE: Verified Billing Method required

SKILL Experience(yrs) Last Used Expertise (High -10)
Powerbuilder[PB] 10+ 2017 8
SQL Server 2005,2008 Transact-SQL (T-SQL) 7 2017 7
3rd Party PB app DIAMOND(R) Enterprise System [Health Care] 2 2015 8
Upwork less than 1 2017 7
Trello less than 1 2017 5
Slack less than 1 2017 8
Oracle SQL Developer 1 2015 5
SQL Server 2005,2008 Stored Procedures 7 2012 7
CVS 1 2016 5
Clearquest [bug tracking tool] 2 2013 5
Clarity [track daily activity] 2 2013 5
TFS[Source Code Control] 3 2015 5
Sybase(v10,v12) Stored Procedures 10+ 2011 8
Sybase (v10,v12) Transact-SQL (T-SQL) 10+ 2011 8
SSRS 2005,2008 6 2011 6
C# 1 2010 2
Harvest CRM [Source Code Control] 7 2013 7
Anthill Pro [Automated Build Tool] 3 2011 5
Documentum 4 2011 5
CVSNT [Source Code Control] 2 2005 2
Visual Source Safe [Source Code Control] 1 2011 2
Composite SW 2 2008 5
DB2 Transact-SQL (T-SQL) 3 2010 5

Functional Skills

  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Problem-Solving and decision-making
  • SDLC
  • Change Management


November 2017 - POS System Birmingham, Al.

Powerbuilder (Contract;Remote)

  • Line of Business Point of Sale
  • Title PowerbuilderDeveloper
  • Environment [PB]Powerbuilder 12 , SQL Server, Hyper VM, Slack,Trello, UPWORK

New development and enhancements to current system. Preparing Change Document, Test Plan, Testing Results and Release Documentation including SQL for table updates.

The POS system uses a touch screen. This is accomplised using a listener. Interesting and unique coding requirements for Powerbuilder.

Using Remote Work Tools for collaboration, status, time reporting, documentation and messaging.

August 2015 - May 2016 Computer Aid Harrisburg, Pa.

Powerbuilder (Contract)

  • Line of Business Manufacturing
  • Title PowerbuilderDeveloper
  • Environment [PB]Powerbuilder 12.6, CVS, Oracle

A large company reorganization necessitated moving a Release date back by 2 weeks.
The enhancements were successfully completed and installed by the earlier date.

CVS – PushOK (Source Code Control) CVS, I am told, is open source. The PushOK (SCC API plug-in) enables checkouts by object within the PBL. I have discovered the benefits of Sticky Tags, using Graphs menu item to review previous object versions and the benefit of exporting scripts and saving locally.

Prepared Business Plan document and presented to Site Business group, project was approved.

My next step, writing of the Technical Specs, test plans and testing result spreadsheets.

Coding from Technical spec.

Working with offsite developer, then reviewing and testing work. Developer in different timezone therefore am responsible for some fixes from user testing.

Responding to user requests and comments during user testing.

Created implementation plan. Writing SQL for Oracle DBA to complete New Tables and Alter Columns.
Responsible for the Inserting and Updating of rows related to new and enhanced functionality.

Created then updating Sharepoint Team site with documentation, test plans and results and other information relevant to the project.

June 2013 - July 2015 ITech Solutions Wilmington, De.

Powerbuilder (Contract;Remote)

  • Line of Business Healthcare
  • Title Software Developer
  • Environment [PB]Powerbuilder 8.0, TFS, Oracle

Diamond Health Claims System. Original Assignment 3 months. Client migrating from Oracle 9 to Oracle 11. Existing code showing errors primarily looping. Issues resolved, Oracle 11 in place and back into production in less than a month.

Moved into Defects where code had not been touched since 2001. Presented with an Excel Spreadsheet and began debugging. Was able to resolve many issues and released several new versions.

Project Work followed with new development e.g., adding new fields to screens, screen validations and preparing data for outside vendors for reporting. Validating relationships multiple fields e.g. Citizenship to Incurred Country.

All work is thoroughly documented and provides easy transition from current version to new released version.

Created a folder with Diamond How To. As time went on became more familiar with product and framework documented as reference should similar issues arise. Diamond uses a Framework which appears to have been updated by different groups of developers over the years. I believe the package was sold several times. Different selections, Claims, EDI, Reason Codes although using the Framework would show different behavior. The How To permitted quicker resolutions and response to request for timings on requests.

April 2012 - March 2013 Computer Aid Harrisburg, Pa.

Powerbuilder (Contract;Remote)

  • Line of Business Healthcare
  • Title Powerbuilder Developer
  • Environment [PB]Powerbuilder 12.5, DB2, Clarity
  1. Project 1, Project 2
  2. Requirement: Automate access to Documents on Website detailing Benefits. Multiple years must be accessed should a question arise regarding claims from previous years.

    Solution: Documents selection was based on type of coverage (group/individual) and coverage start date. Working with document image team built the URL to open the correct site and folder.

  3. Project 3
  4. Requirement: Security, only display data based on geographic location when researching claim questions.

    Solution: Review application primarily surrounding Retrieve Events. Update function for location and security requirement.

  5. Defects
  6. Ongoing. When time permitted would review defect queue in Clearquest. Research and correct and list for next quarterly release.

  7. Project 4
  8. Requirement: Security, only display data based on geographic location when researching claim questions. New windows for data: Ambulance, Prescription Drugs, Tiered Benefits.

    Solution: Review application primarily surrounding Retrieve Events. Update function for location and security requirement. Create new windows( framework) based on requirements, update menu items.

Participate in Quarterly releases.

June 2005 - March 2012 Wells Fargo (Wachovia)[Full Time:Remote] Reading, Pa.

Powerbuilder, C# for Commercial Loans Application

  • Line of Business Commercial Loans with Real Estate Collateral
  • Title Software Developer
  • Environment [PB]Powerbuilder 8.0, C# 2008, SSRS 2008, Harvest, Documentum, DB2
  • Certification .NET Certification received May 2009

PB version upgrade from v6.5 to v8, bug fixes, minor enhancements to an existing C# application and calling
SSRS Reports from the existing C# application.
The Loans group in Winston-Salem, NC had a [PB]Powerbuilder 6.5 application which had been in production for 10 years.
The assignment was to convert from PB 6.5 to PB 8 and "bandaid" any bugs until the application could be re-written in C#.
I was scheduled to be a member of the C# team.
The PB upgrade, fixes and Board Reports were completed two months ahead of schedule.
Completed minor enhancements to an existing C# application and updated calling SSRS Reports from the C# Application.
The rewrite was declined with the Wells Fargo Merger.

System Access Authorization Reporting

  • Line of Business Risk Compliance
  • Title SQL Developer
  • Environment SSRS 2008, SQL Server 2008, Harvest, Documentum

Design and deliver 18 reports in SSRS deliver via a proprietary Reporting System in use throughout the bank.

This project presented in November, 2010 was to be completed by December 31, 2010 funding was driving the schedule.
Design and development were being done concurrently.
Working closely with the managing DBA of the existing data a reporting database was created in addition to a data refresh schedule. Additional database tables were designed and created to support the reporting. An offshore staff began developing the reports and I assisted by writing the SQL and Stored Procedures to retrieve the requested data.
Additional responsibilities included reviewing the work daily, making recommendations where necessary and sending to the LOB(Line of Business) for testing. While testing was in progress, research and answer all data questions from the testers. With the tight schedule, I assisted the offshore staff making modifications to the SSRS reports when the LOB requested.

The project was completed on schedule.

Composite Software for LOB Reporting

  • Line of Business Corporate Investment Banking
  • Title Composite Software Developer
  • Environment Composite SW, SSRS 2005/2008,Sybase System 10, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, Harvest, Documentum

Reports were required to be created from multiple database vendors.
Data Mapping is crucial in the use of the Composite SW product. The Database,
Table and Field Names will not not match across the different databases to allow for required table joins.
By printing reports for each database for a singular date which contain similar data requirements, I was able to map the data for the where clauses used in the tool.

Composite uses their proprietary Stored Procedure syntax to return the data.. With extensive research, I was able to call those procedures from SSRS to build
Wachovia Standard Formatted Reports

[SSRS]SQL Server Reporting Services, Reports for LOB

  • Line of Business Corporate Investment Banking
  • Title SSRS Developer
  • EnvironmentSSRS 2005/2008,Sybase System 10, SQL Server 2008, Harvest, Documentum, Anthill Pro

Create Reports for Risk and Compliance Reporting.
Creating Sybase and SQL Server Stored Procedures for use as the datasource behind the SSRS data tab.
Building and formatting the reports using Wachovia Standards.

June 2005 Wachovia Reading, Pa.

Converted to Full Time Employee

October 2004 - June 2005 Tek Systems (Wachovia) Reading, Pa.


  • Line of Business Corporate Investment Banking
  • Title Powerbuilder Developer
  • Environment [PB]Powerbuilder 8.0,Sybase, SQL Server 2005, CVSNT,Visual Source Safe

Creating Sybase and SQL Server Stored Procedures for use as the datasource behind PB datawindow reports.


Charlotte Powerbuilder Conference 2015 5/6/2015 - 5/8/2015
Charlotte Powerbuilder Conference 2014 3/5/2014 - 3/7/2014

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