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About Me

I began using Powerbuilder (PB) some time ago. With each change of ownership, Powersoft
to Sybase to SAP, the predictions of its demise would sound and I often listened.
Repeatedly taking classes in newer technologies, SSRS (Reporting Services), .NET, Composite,Drupal and others.

But each time, I would be contacted and asked to look at an old app to see if I could do anything with it.

Finally, I simply returned to PB as my primary tool. The research and requirements gathering to bring applications current is both interesting and challenging. Being a Morse, Poirot and Lewis fan, can never resist a good mystery.

I pride myself on my documentation, testing and the ability to explain what I have found and thoughts on how enhancements/updates
may be completed.

My experience is in almost every version of PB that has been released.

Purpose for Your Search

An application was recently discovered or has been being used for an extended period of time.
It may have been in use for 10 years+, and now needs updates or resurrection. My current assignment, the original script was written in ’91.

  1. An associated product, perhaps a database upgrade has rendered portions of the application useless.
  2. Infinite loops are now a part of the application. Found this after an Oracle upgrade.
  3. A screen which had successfully delivered data reliably is now blank.
  4. Null object references
  5. Invalid Row/Column

Suggestions: look at the database(DB) joins, a key field may be your culprit. A field in the database has changed datatypes, a field removed or renamed. A stored procedure with an obsolete call which no longer returns results.

If the original PB script did not do an InsertRow when no data found or test return codes from the DB this could also be an issue and possibly result in a blank window.

Found may have been files of type: PBL, PBD, EXE, INI. However, before beginning any review, updates or enhancements
it is important to check that the POWERBUILDER IDE(Interactive Development Environment) is available somewhere within the organization.

Suggestion: look for the Powerbuilder Executable - c:\program files\sybase\powerbuilder x.x\pbxx.exe where xx is the PB version

Should the only files found be of type PBD and/or EXE, I will not be able to help. It has been mentioned that a Chinese company has reversed
engineered PBD's but I do not have experience working with this product or comments on its reliability.

Without the Powerbuilder software rebuilding a PBD and/or EXE will not be possible. Changes would not be available for release.

Database Driven

Example, Should the request be ‘change a Report Title’ and the Report Titles are stored in the Database. It would be possible to make
the database change and see it reflected in the Powerbuilder application. However, those results are very limited.

Stored Procedures, if they are executed from the Powerbuilder code. You may be able to update the Stored Procedure on the database
side and see results in the application. This would not include changes to a result set. Adding or removing columns for the result set columns would cause an error.


Should you like to discuss what has been found? Share a screen and allow me to look around (while you watch), I am available remotely
Weekly 3:00 pm EST - ? An introductory rate, payable via Paypal, would be $35/hour for an remote review, limit 2 hours.